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Tiger&Bunny To Receive New Animated Project

Prepare the hype now please.

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It has finally happened, Tiger&Bunny is getting a new animated project. It has been a while since we had any real news on Tiger&Bunny, last we heard was the writer being announced for the Hollywood live action movie from Ron Howard. But now we know, the Tiger&Bunny anime is not dead. Below you can see the announcement tweet, which roughly translates as-

“TIGER & BUNNYs New animation project starting! We can announce that the long-awaited new series is under development. Upcoming news will be announced on the official website, official Twitter etc. in the future. Please look forward to it”-My Poor Translation.


If you haven’t seen Tiger&Bunny, you really need to . It is a fantastic series similar to My Hero Academia and One Punch man. Though many argue it is better. Below you can view a trailer for the series. Though I will admit the trailer truly does not do the series justice-