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The New Super Smash Bros Ultimate Character Has Been revealed!

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The New Super Smash Bros Ultimate has been revealed! Now, I know you want to just know who it is. But hear me out, the trailer is by far the best invitation trailer Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has ever had, and it is worth every second it takes to watch it. If you don’t care, then skip to below the video!



That is right, of all the SNK fighters the character that Nintendo chose was Terry Bogard! Of Fatal Fury fame.

There is also a video for Banjo & Kazooie presented by Sakurai himself. You can expect the characters in fall.

Ver. 5.0 is coming on 9/4/2019! Updates include:

  • • Banjo & Kazooie (from Banjo-Kazooie) join the battle!*
  • • New stage added: Spiral Mountain*
  • • Additional Mii Fighter Costumes added*
  • • “Home-Run Contest” mode added
  • • Special moves of Mii Fighters downloaded via the Shared Content feature are now customizable


You can visit the official site right here. Or just skip on ahead to the DLC page right here and buy all the crazy new characters. And of course there will be more New Super Smash Bros Ultimate characters to be announced in the future and we shall keep you noted!

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