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The Best of The Year Discussion and Vote

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Well the years end is running into as at breakneck speeds. So of course comes the time for the end of year roundup articles. That of course also brings the game of the year polls ( see below) Unlike most, we arent going to simply let staff just choose the best. We want you, the community […]

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Sidearcs New Year Give Away.

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So here we are, a new year is right around the corner. So with this, I thought to myself what is the best way to celebrate? Then it came to me, it had to be a giveaway! Unlike your standard giveaways,I want this one to be fun but simple. So check out how to get the […]

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Descent Into October #2

The Ultimate Classic, now with water!

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Hello all! For my 2nd day of October I watched Halloween H20. I am an incredible sucker for the Halloween movies. Love them all to pieces. Yet somehow I’d never gotten around to seeing the 7th and “final” installment of the storied franchise. Its not that I’ve never wanted to, but just never got around […]

Wait, I can write articles for SideArc? On the front page?

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Yup! All new users can write articles for the site to their liking. We do have some quality standards which we’ll outline soon, but for now you can submit an article and an editor will clean it up and make sure it’s up to standard. Of course only changing things like formatting, grammar and spelling, […]

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Scared Silly

The tiny, little things that you were once afraid of.

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Fright is weird. Some of the things people find scary are weird. Like candles, clowns or cows. But little kids (and some adults) find the oddest aspects of something to be afraid of. With it being Halloween eve, I thought it would be fun to share ridiculous aspects of games, shows, what have you that […]

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