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Enormous Demand for SNES Classic Crashes Websites, Creates Headaches for Buyers Again

No Mario RPG for you.

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Well, here we are again. If you go to Targets SNES Classic Page,  you get a message saying “Product Not Available”. This happening of course shortly after it was available to for sale. Beyond the obvious missing product Target’s website was also plagued with connectivity issues. Sadly this is by no means the first issue the sales of SNES classic has had.

Not long ago, Nintendo Promised that  there would be producing “significantly more units of Super NES Classic Edition than we did of NES Classic Edition.” Sadly, it seems as if this supposed increase in production has meant nothing and that once again the item will be very limited.

Of course Nintendo also said that “we have nothing to announce regarding any possible shipments beyond this year.”

That of course meaning the supply will likely run dry rather fast.This is obviously sad news for gamers as the product is very sought after. I suppose all that is left to do is hope that Nintendo does in fact have more shipments to appease the immense demand of fans for these amazing older titles. But of course there is a small glimpse of hope, the holiday season is on its way. With that Nintendo may be holding on to a large amount to sell to all the parents who want to share these amazing classic titles with their children..Because that’s totally why they are getting it, not as an excuse to play them themselves.

In any case, all there is to do now is sit back and hope you can find one.

  • Jacob Kellogg

    I kinda wanted one, just for Mario RPG…BUt all this hassle and the price seems like a pain for a bunch of games I already own…

  • Ryuuga Hideki

    Assuming it’s going to be a similar situation to the NES Classic, I wish that I could somehow talk to and convince everyone who is interested in this to not pay scalpers’ inflated prices for it. Really, that goes for anything with high demand. It does nothing but harm and just makes these launches even worse for everyone.

    Don’t buy it secondhand unless you’re paying less than retail. Force these leeches to either simply not make any profit or, ideally, even to lose money. That’s the only thing that will end this stupid cycle people have created.

    • Jacob Kellogg

      AGREED, scalpers are horrid…

  • Times

    Nintendo really needs to start meeting the demands and stop causing scalpers to make all the money.

    • Jacob Kellogg

      It is sad…makes me wonder if they do it on purpose really.