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Shinra Characters To be Shown at Final Fantasy VII Remake TGS Conference, Celebrates Game’s 22nd Anniversary With New Image

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Final Fantasy VII Remakes Marketing is in full swing and of course he Tokyo Game show is right around the corner. So Square Enix and Final Fantasy VII Remake Will be making a big splash there showing off The Shinra side of the game this time around. This of course being the Turks, Hojo and the higher up members of Shinra that we have seen a little of already.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will have a showfloor presence and be playable at the Tokyo Game Show as well as be included in Squares and Sonys press conferences. It is unclear how much of Shinra will be shown during each. But we will keep you noted.

Here is the tweet source for this ( including the Japanese source)


Next is this crazy remake of the Final Fantasy VII visual from the first game. Arguably the most popular image of the game. Now you can see it in its HD glory-

If you are interested in how good the game plays, check out my impressions from the demo

And feel free to check out the games sub reddit for some awesome edits of the new art. Including some high res and ones altered to look like the original Final Fantasy VII case that so many love.