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Persona 5 Anime Announced With Trailer

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Well, it was bound to happen. There will now be a Persona 5 anime. Yes, it is already on its way.

The series will be handled by A-1 Pictures like its predecessor. A-1 Pictures previously animated Persona 4 the Golden Animation as well as the Persona 3 movies.  The voice cast from the game will reprise their roles. This time around the main character will be voiced by Jun Fukuyama (Yukio Blue Exorcist). An official name has not been announce for the main character as of yet.

With Persona 5 having nearly sold 2 million copies, this series is sure to be a success. Who knows, maybe the Persona 5 anime will give the game a good boost too. In any case, we can only hope for both.

Check out the sweet preview below thanks to pKjd.  Youtube link for those it will work for here

PERSONA5 the Animation Teaser PV by pKjd

You can check the official site out right here. While you are here feel free to check out our Persona 5 Youdraw, where site members submitted fan art for the games long awaited release.