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Mikoto Shinkais New Anime Film Weathering With You Gets First Visuals

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After the horrifying success of the film Your Name, no one knew what would happen with Mikoto Shinkai. It seems the man literally just wanted to get straight into his next project. The project of course being Weathering With You.

Below we are already seeing the visual teasers from his new anime. The three teasers were revealed through twitter and  you can see those below.


We still know next to nothing about this new movie, but seeing visuals shows that it is going to be gorgeous! As soon as the trailers drop and we are gave new info, I will of course be posting it here! You can check out the little bit of story we know from the movies site below-

“I wanted to go in that light”

High one summer. I went home from a remote island and came to Tokyo. 
However, life was immediately in need, and the job I finally found at the end of a lonely day 
was the writer of a mysterious occult magazine.

Rain continues to rain every day, as if to suggest his future. 
Meanwhile, at the corner of a busy city, sail height meets a girl.

A girl named Haina who lives in a bright and strong manner with her younger brother. 
She had a strange ability.

“Hey, I’ll be fine now”

The city stops raining little by little and shines beautifully. 
It was a power to clear the sky just by praying-

 “This is — a story about the secret of the world that only I and her know.”