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Metal Gear Online 2 Is Back For Non-Modded PS3’s

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So Metal Gear Online is back. Ok, they missed April. But that is ok! They got it out! The shocking part is, that within hours of being released, over 500 people were on the game at once. That is impressive for a game that has been gone for so long. Now if only Konami understood how much the fans love these games.


Now if you want to play the game ( You should) here is the official instructions and links to their social media accounts.

“MGO2 for Official Firmware is now live!
If you are not aware, this means anyone with a regular PS3 is able to play once again.
Tutorial: viewtopic.php?f=22&p=4423#p4423

For once, opening the server to a bunch of people actually worked.
We hit about 520 people on at the same time. Server didn’t even break a sweat.

There are still a few bugs that need to be worked out. Please be patient as we work to fix these.


Here is the stream if anyone is interested.

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Here is a trailer by Youtube user PiPSmallie.

“Many years ago now Metal Gear Online 2 was taken from us. The game was a glorious beacon of hope in what has become a bland and bleak land of similar playing multi-player games.Metal Gear Online 2 offered something unique and fun.It was overall one of the best multiplayer games I have ever played, but due to Konamis cruelty it was taken from us.

But not all hope was lost. The awesome team at MGO2R have brought it back. While they have had it running on CFW for a while now, this time. It is for everyone. The new update which is aimed at an April release will bring the game to all Un-modded PlayStation 3s.”- Previous article