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      Sorry for the late post, I was having trouble logging in to the site for a little while. That math puzzle thing Kellogg mentioned was keeping me from logging in.

      Anyway… I’m really quite flexible with my handhelds but for me battery life is primary, something that both Nintendo and Sony have lost a bit of with the newest handhelds. 8-10 hours would be just about perfect, but 4-6 is manageable as long as it uses a standard USB- based charger to be able to access an external battery pack.

      In terms of ergonomics, I still love the GameBoy Advance (not the SP) and GameBoy Micro the most. Something about the way that they had you hold the system really worked for me. Vita would be a runner up, and especially with that grip that Wolf posted, though I do get a bit of a cramp after a couple of hours with my Vita that doesn’t really happen with my 3DS XL. (Not sure why)

      As far as screen size goes, I’ve been playing portables since the original GameBoy and still fire my GameBoy Pocket up from time to time so screen size isn’t really an issue for me personally – though I realize I’m by far an outlier in this opinion. More than screen size I’d prefer screen clarity; something that the Vita is the reigning champ of with dedicated handhelds, but still pales in comparison to even an iPhone 4. 350-400 dpi is the sweet spot to where your eye begins to not tell a difference, but even about 300 is pretty good. A 5-inch 720p screen would be nearly ideal – with the dpi scaled to fit in either smaller or larger sizes.

      I hope all goes well with this project!

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