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This Is What Majoras Mask Could Look Like In Unreal 4

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CryZENx is at it again with his gorgeous unreal videos, this one is the opening for the N64 classic Majoras Mask. While some of the video needs polish it will still let you know just how amazing the game could look, especially when you consider the fact that one man made this.

With the recent remake for the Nintendo 3Ds many people were rather angered that the game was not remade for the Wii-u and instead was yet another portable port that would never be properly playable i their T.V. While this won’t lessen the anger it can at least let your hate and anger fueled dreams have something more vivid to see.

Check out the video below-

Don’t forger to check out CryZENx‘s youtube channel as it has many other Zelda and classic Nintendo character videos all rendered in Unreal 4( and above)