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The Last Guardian Has Changed A Lot In The Last Year

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Over on Youtube, user Cycu1 uploaded a video showing the The Last Guardian of 2015 compared to 2016. The difference is quite staggering really. Not only has the graphics been changed, but the design has too.

Below is the video-

In the video you can see there are many improvements. The largest one being of course the games lighting. Before the bloom and light would drown out many details. Now the lighting has gone for a more natural approach . Thanks to the better lighting the details stand out much better than before . You can see this strongly in the wood in the videos thumbnail. A problem brought by this is the lighting does peek through cracks between boards and the aliasing on them is not the best.

Another large change is the feather interaction. In 2015 the feathers were very harsh and flung about rather randomly. In the newer build the feathers are far smoother and don’t whip around randomly.

One of the biggest and best differences is the games effects. Now you can see much more dust which appears to also have more volume. The inclusion of this makes the games world much more believable and realistic.

Last but not least is Tricos appearance. Now his is much darker, his tail is shorter and he looks fuzzier and less feathery. Beyond that his face looks slightly rounder with a little more blue behind the ears.

It is nice to see The Last Guardian actually make improvements before its release. With so many games falling apart after their reveal this is a nice change of pace.