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Kingdom Hearts III Is a Canon Part of The Toy Story Timeline.

A first for the franchise.

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In the past few weeks, there has been an abundance of Kingdom Hearts III information dropped on us.One of the most interesting and important parts though, is that Kingdom Hearts III is canon to the Toy Story timeline.

For those who don’t know what this means, that means Kingdom Hearts III takes place in the same world as the movies. This is apparently not a spin off in some alternate world.
We found this one out thanks to a esuteru.coms translation of a recent Famitsu interview.


Below you can view the terrible google translation-

“Toy · story world of” KH 3 “is the stage after the second work! The occurrence of KH 3 exists on the time axis of the series, not in parallel”

This is a slightly huge deal, as this is the first time a Kingdom Hearts world will have had any real effect on the lore or stories of one of its worlds. We can only hope this means Disney is going to give us the real voice actors for the Toy Story cast since this seems to be a more serious collaboration. But hey, who knows.

If you missed the Toy Story, Kingdom Hearts III trailer just click this link and check it out.