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Kingdom Hearts 2.9 May Be On Its Way

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Beware this is not confirmed and should be taken as a rumor for now!

Over on LinkedIn  Richard VanDeventer updated his profile to show his apparent work with Kingdom Hearts, of particular interest was his work on “Kingdom Hearts 2.9? for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 .

VanDeventer is a real game director and had worked on games such as Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z and  Resident Evil 6.

Below is all the info he gave.

Kingdom Hearts 2.9 (PS3, PS4) Development (10 Months)

  • Game idea planning and documentation
  • Game check and balance
  • Boss planning
  • Attraction Flow planning and documentation

Kingdom Hearts Ⅲ (PS4, Xbox One) Development (10 Months)

  • Original level planning, documentation and execution for 2 worlds including enemy, item, secrets and event management
  • Mockup creation of 3 worlds including temporary asset creation
  • Game idea planning and documentation
  • Game check and balance
  • Enemy planning and documentation
  • Gummi Ship system planning and documentation
  • Multiplayer planning and documentation
  • Attraction Flow planning and documentation
  • Main scenario planning for 2 worlds
  • Various in-game dialogue writing
  • Translation and interpretation of contact between involved English and Japanese parties including Disney and Pixar
  • Publicity video recording and editing
  • Communication with outsourced companies
  • Holding meetings with Disney and Pixar
  • Team management, meeting management and proceeding recordings

There is no official word onto what the game is or possibly is, but it is likely something involving Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance as it is the only game to have not been released in HD.