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Is Kratos An Escaped Einheri?

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At the End of God of War 3, Kratos is dead, but death isn’t always the end in mythology. Kratos after a lifetime of battle and fighting finally meets his end from the sword of his Father, he does this to defeat Athena and disrupt her plans. Athena then pulls the sword out of Kratos, leaving him to bleed out on the ground, credits roll. If you stay after the credits, you are shown that Kratos’s body is no longer laying there with the Massive hole in his chest. Instead is a trail of blood leading to a cliff, then the camera looks to the distant horizon and it is over.

Now this is where my thoughts began to wander;  Kratos basically had no spine at that point, the hole in his chest is massive. By all means he should be 100% dead. Even the blood splatter from where he was laying had expanded. The way I see it he was dead, there was no getting around that. My only thought was that something or someone had taken him.

A step into the North.

Now, let us jump to the new trailer in it Kratos is somewhere up north ( assumed to be Ancient Scandinavia) with some mystery child  who calls Kratos his father. Along their trip they are attacked by some strange monster zombie…things. Kratos dispatches them, but there is a detail many missed. There is a strange grey robbed figure in the top right, it is only there for  a second and is very hard to notice. You can see the gif on the side. Of course if you know Norse Mythology this likely would make you think of The Grey Wanderer,  more commonly known as Odin. What is interesting is it seems to be watching Kratos, but immediately runs upon his approach.

God-of-War_2016_06-13-16_003Skip ahead a tiny bit in the video and we meet the hideous Troll, who says some weird sounding crap. Out of all his weird language you can hear one word clearly, and that word is Valhalla.  For those who don’t know Valhalla is Odins hall, or as it is translated, hall of the slain. This is the hall where the dead chose by Odin himself go to join the Einherjar,  they are taken for the purpose of  aiding Odin during the events of Ragnarök. Who else would be better to have during Ragnarök than the man who  went and slaughtered the Greek Gods.

The_Ride_of_the_ValkyrsThis all lead me to believe that Odin picked Kratos to join the Einherjar in Valhalla. Surely a single man destroying an entire pantheon would garner the attention of the neighboring gods. This would explain why his body was absent at the end of God Of War 3, with how the Valkyrie go and take dead warriors to their new life in Valhalla.

Take the fact that Kratos has died and escaped the afterlife before. Perhaps the troll is saying something along the lines that Kratos  belongs there, or needs to go back or even smells of it. It could be entirely possible that the entire beginning of the game could be Kratos’s escape from Valhalla. Another option could be the game starts with Kratos and his child and it is revealed that he had escaped from Valhalla before the games opening.

27657054645_96676612e3_oIf he had already met the Norse gods it could set up a reason for the conflict between the two of them. There could be many reasons for them to have begun hating each other with Kratos’s obviously charming personality. Not to mention there is the boy, some have theorized that he is in fact Thor as he has red hair. Could Kratos have taken the child from Valhalla? Or perhaps Odin had tasked Kratos with raising the child for him.

There is also the possibility that Odin could be using Thor to give Kratos a reason to be at peace and at the same time would be giving Thor a powerful guardian and teacher. By doing this he would be placating Kratos, keeping him from creating conflict with the Norse gods. The consequences of this could be dire as Kratos is not fond of being manipulated.

So many questions with no answers.

We know so little yet there are so many possibilities.  What do you think is going on, did Kratos escape the grasps of the Norse gods leaving Valhalla and a path of destruction in his wake,or did he simply drift up north and live a peaceful life with his new family?