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HBO Is Not Making Monster

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Well in ahorrifyingly sad news it has come out the HBO did not pick up Guillermo Del Toros Monster pitch. In an interview with Latino-Review, he revealed that it is no longer with HBO and will be bringing it elsewhere. Below is the Monster exert from the interview.

Can you give me an update on the status of ‘Monster’ project for HBO?

Guillermo del Toro: We are going to other companies to pitch it and see if anyone wants to do it. We finished writing a couple of the episodes, and so we have a sampler. We’re going to go and see what happens with that, but very likely that will happen somewhere next year.

It’s still at HBO?

Guillermo del Toro: No, it’s out of HBO, and now we’re going to take it to other places but it’s not active active until we pitch it.