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Happy Piccolo Day For The Americans

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Every Year upon May 13th we celebrate Piccolo Day (the 9th for the East). Upon this grand holiday King Piccolo shall take a slip from his wonderful and fateful box , and the chosen sector on the slip will host that year’s celebration and will end in its destruction at the hands of the great King Piccolo himself. An honor for any city.

You literally cannot ask for a better way to go! Now I hope you have a wonderful Piccolo day and maybe we’ll see you next year!


Of course if you are Japanese you have already celebrated Piccolo day, as many others have. In that case I hope you had a wonderful Piccolo day! Well, you are here reading this so you must have!


Of course the heathens at Namco Bandai declared it Goku day and even gave away gifts.

Now get out of here, go watch some Dragon Ball.