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Ghostwire: Tokyo Confirms its Most Important Feature

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Among all the features in games, there is one that is more important than all others. That of course is the ability to pet the best of dogs. And now Bethesda Softworks and Tango GameWorks have announced that the upcoming Ghostwire: Tokyo will allow to pet all of those glorious little barkers.

If you want to see the gameplay for the game, check it here. The game is a first person game, but it is hard to call it a shooter with its strange gameplay.

The ability to pet dogs in video games is so obsessed over in modern gaming that there is even a dedicated twitter page to the feature. You can find that hilarious page right here.

Here is the little trailer that is provided from QuakeCon-

In a similar vein, in Ghost of tsushima, gamers have petted the Shrine foxes over 8 MILLION times. Thats right, eight million. Its odd how such a small feature, can be so loved.