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    Isiac DaGraca

    Here I will post all site changes and updates.

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    Isiac DaGraca
    • Fixed CSS for forums to improve mobile appearance
    • Changed several forum colors like like the signature border.
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    Isiac DaGraca

    New Features

    • Forums now have improved post editor much like making an article
    • Image uploading has been enabled
    • On top of image uploading the entire library is available, so if there’s any favorites they’ll always be here.
    • There seem to be some glitches with this, so please let me know of ones you encounter in the feedback forum


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    Isiac DaGraca

    Removed Features

    Improved post editor removed due to functional flaws, image uploading will remain since this is still functional.

    Added functions

    After seeing that since launching the site DAYS ago we now have 350+ pending users, all spam as far as I can tell. These accounts have not passed approval which means one solution is working but doesn’t nothing about registration.So I have added a captcha to the registration only.

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    Isiac DaGraca


    Improved shortcode usage on the forums, more of them like galleries should work now.

    Discovered issues

    Automatic redirect of attachment pages seems to no longer be working, will investigate.

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