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Final Fantasy XV Updates Detailed, Off Road Regalia Shown

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First and most importantly, here is the best thing we have seen from Final Fantasy XV since its Launch. Of course it is the Regalia off the roads. It is important to point out that this is in the experimental phase. This is not a guarantee that it will come to consoles.

Final Fantasy XV February Patch with PlayStation Pro Patch-
  •  1080p at 60 FPS On PS4-Pro
  • Time limited quests.
  • Level cap raise to 120 from the previous 99
  • Music Player on Chocobo
  • New Music from Final Fantasy XV in the player.
  • Hold 50 more pictures.


Booster Pack DLC
  • Magitek Suits
  • Season pass holders get a sword and a fishing rod too
The 28/3 Update will include:
  • Episode Gladiolus (payed)
  • Fixes for Chapter 13
  • End game boost ( meaning unknown)

There is also an awesome trailer for the upcoming DLC missions-

Thanks Guissepe gaming for the videos.