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Final Fantasy XV Update

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Square Enix and Hajime Tabata shared a pretty good amount of  new information from Final Fantasy XV during its newest Active Time Report panel which occurred at this weeks PAX Prime in Seattle.Below I made a quick run through of all the cool information, check it out-

Release Date Incoming-

Square Enix will be holding a major event in March 2016, at this event we will be finally getting the games release date. The game also had it confirmed that it will release in 2016, an exact date as I said wil be released in March at their event.

The Menu-

During the video you can see the games main menu, luckily for us good ol Gouto gamer translated a picture of the Ui for everyone to check out-

Below in the gallery you can view some of the games art

It is noted that the Hammer Head like building ( aptly named HammerHead )is ran by a famous mechanic in the FF series, just read what Tabata said- “I think any Final Fantasy fan will get the idea if I say ‘that mechanic’ from the Final Fantasy series [is the owner],” Tabata said. “Did you notice the little old man taking a nap on the right side of the screen?”

It is also said that the water city Altissia will have the same visual fidelity in game as it does in these screens.

Spoiler Alert: Click to see


If you look at the screen with the light house like building, we were told that Noctis and company will be taking a boat there to another location called Alcordo, Tabata then said “Your travel across the ocean in real-time, as well… But you won’t be journeying on the boat, as well. It’s sort of a one-way trip, in that sense.”hide

The Summons Art

This piece of art in particular is intersting, it is a depiction of Final Fantasy XVs world being created, now what exactly that entails is very unknown but it is none the less untriguing and wonderful for speculation. Below Commenter surielcruz put together a list of who these summons could be, check it out-

  • Ramuh
  • Titan
  • Shiva
  • Siren
  • Ultima
  • Leviathan
  • Diablos
  • Knights of the Round

Those are the ‘Summons’ I can get with this artwork, may not be true, but the designs are kind of similar to older ones. I don’t see a Bahamuth, but he’s sure to be in the game, the same with Ifrit, I can smell it. xD

So, we may be able to summon all of those. Well, at least we can dream.

Last but not least Here you can take a survey from Square Enix about the games Active Time Reports.
Driving Demo

Just shows some nice and wonderful locations and driving mechanics for all you side seat drivers.

Development Demo ( unfinished works )

Just another nice video showing off some new enemies and some new abilities that are in the works, including new weapons.

Here is the Full active time report if you would like to watch it