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Final Fantasy XV Day One Crown Update Detailed

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Square Enix released the details for Final Fantasy XV’s day one patch. You can view them below-

Omen Trailer moves Added to Game

  • Attacks from the Omen Trailer have been added.

Wait Mode features Added

  • Libra speed increased.
  • The Wait Gauge slowly decreases kill enemies to add to the gauge.
    Surprise attacks added if you attack enemies who are not targeting you.

Critical HP light added

  • When low on Hp the screen will gain a red hue to it. It gains strength as your health lowers.

Enemy Whistle Added

  • Whistle summons Monsters. They come to your area.

MP Burst Improved

  • Staggered movements are now gone.
  • Shift attempts end up in a failed motion.

Ignis Gallery Added

  • Gallery showing Ignis cooked foods as well as the fish you have caught.

Regalia updated features

  • You can check map during auto drive.
  • You can apparently shop while in the Regalia.

Kingsglaive and the Omen scenes Added

  • Scenes from both added to game as they could not fit on disc.

Features Improved

  • General bug fixes.
  • Camera Improvements
  • Improvements to the story. In particular the games opening.
  • Side elements have been improved and added
  • Leviathan Battle has been improved and fine tuned.
  • Shift outside of battle has been added.
  • You can listen to music while walking around with the Music player.
  • Here is a video showing off some of the new combos-