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Final Fantasy VII Remake Tokyo Game Show Trailer Revealed and Tons of Gameplay

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The Final Fantasy VII Remake Tokyo Game Show Trailer has been revealed. In it we get to see some crazy new stuff, like a new member of Soldier…Who has a mullet. Some new Mini-games and new scenes and boss fights. Of course those pesky watchmen of fate things appear again.  Hopefully we can get some real answer as to what they are soon. As of now all we can do is speculate.

First the trailer in English

Now in Japanese


There is a ton of gameplay videos. it is the demo we saw at E3 and people played at Gamescom and PAX. In fact it is the demo I played at PAX, so if you want to check out my impressions, here they are. For the videos, I chose a select few that show more than 2 minutes of footage, because may of the released clips are incredibly small and horridly cut.

While the main Final Fantasy VII Remake Tokyo Game Show  reveals are over there is rumours of some more behind closed doors showings. So keep your eyes out for that. If we find any we will keep you noted.

And of course  the Final Fantasy VII Remake is set to release on the  PlayStation 4  March 3rd, 2020.