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E3 2017 – PC Gaming Show Stream and Discussion

There's still plenty of proof that PC gaming isn't dead

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Hello? Is anyone there? Here’s your chance to watch and talk about the next big E3 conference, the PC Gaming Show.

What can we expect from this PC-centric show? According to PCGamer:

A major announcement from Firaxis Games.
A new game from Klei Entertainment, creators of Mark of the Ninja, Don’t Starve, and Oxygen Not Included.
New BattleTech footage, with brand new info from creator Jordan Weisman.
A live demo of Wargroove, the Advanced Wars-style game from Chucklefish.
A visit from PlayerUnknown, revealing what’s next for Battlegrounds.
An exciting new announcement from Tripwire Interactive.
New footage and details from the PC games we’re most looking forward to.
Much more!

Sounds exciting! Let’s watch together. Don’t forget to comment and share your reactions below!

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