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E3 2017 – Microsoft Conference Stream and Discussion

Join us as Microsoft unveils their latest

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Microsoft’s E3 2017 presentation is almost upon us and I have just one word for you – Scorpio.

We all know it’s coming and it’s going to be the main attraction at Microsoft’s E3 conference this year, but does Microsoft have any surprises in store?

We can safely expect pricing, release date, and lots of “rendered on Scorpio” videos. We also know there will be a bigger look at BioWare’s new IP “Anthem” as revealed at yesterday’s EA conference. Other than that, we’ll just have to wait and see.

You can stream the conference through YouTube right here:

Or through Twitch over here:

Feel free to join us in the comments section below with your reactions and impressions. We’ll be hosting similar discussions for the other upcoming E3 conferences as well, so stay tuned!