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E3 2017 – Bethesda Conference Stream and Discussion And Devolver Digital

Up next is Bethesda, what surprises lie in wait?

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Up next in this E3 extravaganza is publisher/developer Bethesda. What do we have in store for us today? Well, there’s not really much that’s known right now. Bethesda has managed to keep a tight lid on their upcoming games and details that they will be discussing, so much of this will be a surprise.

Will they pull off a Fallout 4-styled reveal with a quick release to follow? Or will all of the details shown be for games coming out next year? Let’s watch and find out together! Don’t forget to share your reactions in the comments below, and keep us bookmarked to talk about the other upcoming conferences.

Link to stream:

More details at Bethesda’s own site:


And for those who are here for Devolver, it is after Bethesda. And here is the stream link.