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You Draw : Christmas Special

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Results are in. See them here.

For this You Draw you are allowed to draw any character from any franchise. The character can be from anything, and any time. The theme is just Christmas, so have at it!

Check out the other rules below-


The rules are same as the previous YouDraws and you can view them below-

1 -The end date will be december 23rd.
2 -You can draw the character in any style or fashion you want (Or form if they have transformations).
3 -No visible nudity.
4 -You do not have to take any more time or expend more effort than would amuse you.
5 -As long as you draw the character, any other flourishes you want are allowed; other characters, an environment, whatever as long as the pertain to its own series.
6 -Picture can be full body or just a face.
7 -Friends, family, significant others and site guests are welcome to participate.
8 -This is not a contest or a venue for unsolicited critiques! First and foremost this is for fun, so have fun!

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