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Dragon Ball Z Video Games Are Doing Very Well

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Ok so Dragon Ball Z, the biggest anime in the world. It ended way back in 1996. That’s 24 long years. But still Dragon Ball persist. Not only in its recent theatrical film Broly, and the series Dragon Ball Super but they also have had non stop games, nearly every year.

Recently we had the new game Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, while the game has received7 some mixed reception it didn’t stop the title from breaking records.(sold over 2 million)

Earlier this month we reported that Dragon Ball Z Kakarot sales surpassed 1.5 million copies globally in its launch week. These sales included both physical and digital units. In the US, the retelling of the Dragon Ball Z story became the fastest-selling Dragon Ball game in history, thereby beating Modern Warfare as best-selling game in the US for the month of January 2020.-wccftech

But that is only the most recent of titles, if you go a little further back youll find Dragon Ball Z fighter, an old school 2d style fighter made by Arc System Works. Recently Arc System Works also went to announce that the game has a staggering 5 million units shipped out! –Twitter


But that isnt all, there is one more game left, and of course that is Dragon Ball-Xenoverse 2. Now this one, its sales are actually pass 6 million. A pretty insane number considering this is a game from an anime from 24 years ago. What makes this even more impressive is the developer is still supporting the game, 4 years in its life cycle. Which is pretty awesome for all those still playing the game.-Gematsu


If you add all the games sales together, that’s over 13 million in the last 4 years. That’s dang impressive for any game, but especially so for an anime game!

These games have all been doing super well, and it is insane that they just keep selling. Dragon Ball Z, is a franchise that just wont stop and it seems to still be on a steady incline with no stop in sight. With the next gen coming around very soon, its possible we will even see a new Dragon Ball  game announced for those consoles. At least we can hope