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Destiny 2 Everything We Know So Far. Trailers and Gameplay Included.

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Activision has finally unleashed Destiny 2. Along side a ton of gameplay trailers and story trailers we also got a decent amount of new information. View Activisons summary below-

■ Product Description

Destiny 2 is a first-person action game and the evolution of its award winning, internationally acclaimed predecessor, Destiny. With a compelling, immersive story and fresh beginning awaiting all new, returning, casual, and competitive players, Destiny 2 will deliver an experience for new and existing players to discover.

■ Cinematic Story with Relatable Characters

Humanity has fallen to an overwhelming invasion force, led by Lord Ghaul, the imposing commander of the brutal Red Legion. He has stripped Guardians of their power, and forced the survivors to flee their home. Players will venture out into our solar system to discover an arsenal of weapons and devastating new combat abilities. To defeat the Red Legion and confront Ghaul, they must reunite humanity’s scattered heroes, stand together, and fight back to reclaim our home.

■ Four New Stunning Worlds to Explore with New Features

Destinations of Destiny 2

  • European Dead Zone – The largest destination yet featuring a lush forest, abandoned town, a cave system below the surface, and a Red Legion military base to explore and contest.
  • Titan – One of Saturn’s Moons where Commander Zavala is regrouping at the hands of Ghaul. There is no land on Titan. Instead, players explore a series of Golden Age platforms surrounded by a rolling ocean.
  • Nessus – a strange and unstable planetoid that has been fully consumed by the Vex where players will find Cayde-6 is caught up in his own adventures in a stunning landscape of sheer walls, lush canyons, and creepy Vex caverns.
  • Io – A moon of Jupiter, where Ikora Rey has gone in search of answers. Io is the last known site the Traveler visited during the Golden Age, it’s now occupied by our enemies.

All New Director

  • Your guide throughout Destiny 2 in your search for Adventures, Lost Sectors, new Public Events, and more. Players can pick a landing zone, explore, and seamlessly jump into other activities in game.


  • Shorter missions with self-contained stories for players to learn more about the Destiny 2 universe and the characters that live there.

Lost Sectors

  • Scattered, enemy dungeon layers throughout the world you can discover with unique boss enemies guarding treasure to earn.

Public Events

  • Unique, optional, dynamic combat activities that players can join on the fly as they roam around the world solo or with up to nine other players.

■ Action, Adventure, and Gameplay Activities for All Types of Players: New, Returning, Casual, and Competitive

Play Solo or with Friends

  • Story Campaign – Narrative of Destiny 2’s cinematic story where players can also explore in Adventures, Patrols, Lost Sectors, Quests, and Public Events.

Join Friends to Complete Cooperative Experiences

  • Strikes – Three-player missions in Destiny 2.
  • The Raid – Six-player missions with incredible challenges and rewards.

Face-off Against Opponents in Competitive Experiences

  • The Crucible: Competitive 4v4 PvP Gameplay with New Modes and Maps
    • Countdown is a new competitive mode where players spawn on either Offense or Defense, and when the round ends you swap sides and roles. The goal is to plant a bomb at the enemy base, and then defend it until it explodes. Each round is worth one point. First team to six wins. To revive a teammate, you must use a revive token. Power weapon ammo is only granted to the one player who pulls it. Working as a team is the key to victory.
    • Midtown is an abandoned part of the City. When the Red Legion invaded, they completely ignored this sector of the City in their takeover. The Legion deemed Midtown was of no tactical importance. Lord Shaxx agrees, which is why it was chosen as a Crucible arena in the first place.

Clan Creation Feature

  • New integrated system that allows friends to bring their community and unique culture to the forefront of Destiny. Clans have been fully integrated into the game and will provide official banners, invitations, and their own rewards and experience systems for all members.

Guided Games

  • A new feature that brings solo players and clan communities together to play Destiny 2’s most challenging activities including Raids, Trials and Nightfall Strikes.

Destiny 2 is Coming to PC through

The PC version will feature:

  • 4k Resolution Support (3820×2160)
  • Uncapped framerate
  • Full mouse and keyboard support with custom key mapping
  • Text chat
  • Adjustable Field of View
  • Detailed PC settings screen
  • 21:9 monitor support

■ PlayStation Exclusive Content

At launch, PlayStation gamers will get access to additional timed exclusive* content. More will
be revealed throughout the summer.

*Timed exclusive content until at least Fall 2018. More details to come this summer.

Destiny 2 Beta

A Destiny 2 beta is planned for this summer.

■ On Display at the Destiny 2 Gameplay Premiere

The following content was available to play at the Gameplay Premiere:

  • Destiny 2’s beginning story mission ‘Homecoming’ where your Guardian responds to an emergency in the Last Safe City.
  • A Strike called ‘The Inverted Spire’ taking place on the planet, Nessus, where the enemy Cabal have awoken something deep beneath the surface.
  • New Competitive Mode:
    • Countdown: Plant a bomb at the enemy base, and defend it until it explodes.
  • New Competitive Map:
    • Midtown: The Last Safe City, Earth
  • The PC version of Destiny 2 was running on:
    • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti (Courtesy of Nvidia)
    • CPU: Intel Core i7-7700K 4.2Ghz (Courtesy of Intel)
    • 16GB Ram/500GB SSD/Windows 10
    • Monitor: Predator XB1 27” 4K IPS with NVidia G-Sync [XB271HK] (Courtesy of Acer)
    • Keyboard: Razer Ornata Chroma (Courtesy of Razer)
    • Mouse: Razer Deathadder Elite (Courtesy of Razer)
    • Headset: Razer Man O’War 7.1 (Courtesy of Razer)

■ Product Breakdown

  • Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC

    • PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscription respectively, required for significant features.


On top of all that DualShockers updated everyone on the PC settings that will be included. Check those out below.

Video Menu


  • Window Mode
  • Resolution
  • Screen Bounds
  • Brightness

Advanced Video

  • Graphics Qulity
  • Texture Anistropy
  • Ambient Occlusion
  • Motion Blur
  • Anti-Aliasing
  • Texture Quality
  • Foliage Detail
  • Environment Detail
  • Character Detail
  • Shadow Quality
  • Depth of Field
  • Foliage Shadows
  • Lighting Shading Detail
  • Local Light Shadows
  • Wind Impulse

Sound Menu


  • Game Volume
  • Chat Volume
  • Music
  • Mute When Not Focused

Voice Chat

  • Team Voice Channel

Control Menu


  • Look Sensitivity
  • Vertical Inversion
  • Horizontal Inversion
  • Aim Smoothing


  • Look Sensitivity
  • Vertical Inversion
  • Horizontal Inversion
  • Controller Vibration
  • Autolook Centering
  • Movement Controls
  • Button Layout

Accessibility Menu

  • HUD Opacity
  • Subtitles
  • Colorblind Mode

Gameplay Manu

  • Helmet (on/off toggle)
  • Text Chat

Here is the story trailer

Gameplay Trailer


Strike Gameplay

Homecoming Gameplay, Spoiler time

Of course with this being Bungie we got some Developer Diaries. Below you  can watch those, one for the games worlds and one for gameplay-

And if you feel hyped, well here is someones impressions of the game. + Bonus Gameplay