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Beware It Is April 1st, Here Are The Best Pranks ( so far )

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Every year on April 1st, or as its better known April Fools. That of course means game developers and tech companies decide it is time to make us suffer. No longer are the media teams trying hard to impress us, no longer do they sit back and take our crap. It is time for revenge. While some of these jokes are often hilarious, many others are just plain evil. But none the less, they come every year. Below I will post the best ones I find as it goes along.

PlayStation Japan.

Apparently this is how PS4s are made-

Resident Evil 2

Possibly my favorite of the year. This one calls for applications for more Zombies due to the drastic decline in Zombie populations worldwide.

Check out the application page here.


Fate/Grand Order

april fools

This one is a fully playable game, you can download it here for Android, and here for your apple devices .



I am not even sure what on earth this is, but Capcom brings in some “High Score Girl!” and a mini game that is some sort of cross over with Street Fighter, it is kinda fun in its own way.

You can play World President Challenges: A Shooting Game here.


Kirby seems different

Dead Or Alive

This one gets in just because it seems to have effected the game for a day which is pretty dang cool.

So far that is the best of April Fools so far, if we find some more I’ll make sure to add them for you viewing…eh pleasure