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The Best of The Year Discussion and Vote

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Well the years end is running into as at breakneck speeds. So of course comes the time for the end of year roundup articles. That of course also brings the game of the year polls ( see below)

Unlike most, we arent going to simply let staff just choose the best. We want you, the community to get involved. So below in the comments, tell us what you think deserves the ‘best of the year’ awards.Feel free to go further than games, consider things like anime, memes, movies or books. Anything really, just make have fun. Cause really what fun is it if you arent having fun?

Below you can find a poll for the Game of the Year. Go vote on it and share it around!

What Was The Best Game of The Year

Tekken 7
Marvel Vs Capcom
Mario: Odyssey
The Legend of Zelda BOTW
Persona 5
Yakuza 0
Resident Evil 7
Hallow Knight
Wolfenstein II`
Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice
Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
Please Specify:

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Soon after the vote has had a good number of votes we will compile all the best of the year info and make the Sidearc Official end of the year Round up!