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The Best of The Year Discussion and Vote

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Well the years end is running into as at breakneck speeds. So of course comes the time for the end of year roundup articles. That of course also brings the game of the year polls ( see below)

Unlike most, we arent going to simply let staff just choose the best. We want you, the community to get involved. So below in the comments, tell us what you think deserves the ‘best of the year’ awards.Feel free to go further than games, consider things like anime, memes, movies or books. Anything really, just make have fun. Cause really what fun is it if you arent having fun?

Below you can find a poll for the Game of the Year. Go vote on it and share it around!

What Was The Best Game of The Year

Tekken 7
Marvel Vs Capcom
Mario: Odyssey
The Legend of Zelda BOTW
Persona 5
Yakuza 0
Resident Evil 7
Hallow Knight
Wolfenstein II`
Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice
Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
Please Specify:

over here

Soon after the vote has had a good number of votes we will compile all the best of the year info and make the Sidearc Official end of the year Round up!

  • Jacob Kellogg

    I got to think of what the best of everything was…there was a lot this year….

    Movie might be Your name…but Planet of the Apes was amazing…

    Anime we had Attack on Titan s2 which was Amazing as well as My hero Acedamia…

    jeeze there is no good choices…too many great ones

    In terms of games I really played a few this year…But might go with Tekken 7, I loved it. Had some issues ( Ultra moves in fighters annoy me) but overall great

    • Aaron Wilkins

      Probably would give best movie to Blade Runner 2049 but Your Name would be a close second.

      • Jacob Kellogg

        I still need to see Blade Runner…

  • GUN®

    Had to go for RE7, specifically RE7 in VR (without VR, Horizon would have got my vote). Playing through that entire game in VR was a real wow moment.

    • Jacob Kellogg

      being that it seemed to have changed gaming for you that makes sense.

  • Aaron Wilkins

    Really tough choice between Persona 5 and Hollow Knight. By the way, you spelled Hollow Knight wrong in the poll. Don’t know if you can fix it but thought I’d let you know.

    • Jacob Kellogg

      Fixed it!

  • Times

    Persona 5 was without a doubt to me the best game of the year.
    It was a game that I had a lot of expectations but then they went above and beyond that.
    Can’t really say much for anime or movies since I barely watched any this year.

    • Jacob Kellogg

      You missed out on some pretty solid anime this year!

      i need to finish Persona…That first place just kept draggin on for me T_T

  • Hallow Knight is far better than Horizon.

    • Jacob Kellogg

      Thats an odd comparison

      • Not really as both games are very similar except for hollow knight being the only good one of the two.

        • Jacob Kellogg

          Hollow is a 2d small scale game, and Horizon is a 3d shooter open world game. And Horizon isnt even winning, Persona 5 is.

          • They both deals with the end of society. I know horizon zero awards is losing as it is it specialty. :-)

          • Jacob Kellogg

            Wouldnt the comparison for Hollow Knight fit Zelda more. With the whole swords and end of seciety thing?

          • On Nintendo side Hollow Knight feels closer to Metroid for me.

  • Rhytin

    In true weeb fashion (muahahahaha) I voted for persona, though it was a hard call between that and tekken for me.
    I really loved the game, my only complaint being that the pacing was a bit weird (to me at least) at times
    Now to continue said weeb fashion, for movies I’d go with Your name as well, though I also really like Baby driver!

    For anime, I’m too tired and nothing else is popping up in my mind, so I’m just gonna go with My hero academia, it just feels right!

    • Jacob Kellogg

      Persona, your name and My Hero are winning their respective categories XD

      Also, I voted Tekken!

  • Leon Evelake

    Conflicted here… I am betting Yakuza 0 would be my game of the year had I played it … But didn’t
    I did play tekken 7 which surprised me
    I mostly played games from last year…

    • Jacob Kellogg

      Dragons Dogma DA came out this year kinda…

      • Leon Evelake

        More of the rerelease catagory………

  • Leon Evelake

    Well not totally finished but its late and my head hurts

    End of year round up

    The Good

    Best villain
    1 Walter Sampson ( jupiter’s legacy )
    2 Shira (Blade of the immortal )
    3 Adrian Toomes the Vulture (Spiderman Homecoming)
    4 David (Alien Covenant)
    5 Ego (guardians of the galaxy vol 2)
    6 Billy Russo (the punisher)
    7 It (it)
    8 Hela (thor Ragnarok)
    9 Tomura Shigaraki
    10 Kazuya Mishima

    Best heros/protagonist

    2 Manji (blade of the immortal)
    3 Erwin Smith (Attack On Titan)
    4 Heihachi Mishima ( barely thanks to some retconning)
    5 Superman (action comics/ superman)
    6 Frank castle (Punisher the platoon)
    7 All Might (My Hero Academia )
    8 Caesar (War For Planet of the Apes)
    9 Victor Von Doom (infamous iron man)
    10 Joseph Joestar (Jojos Bizarre Adventure)

    Movies/ tv

    Best movies
    1 Blade Of The Immortal
    2 War for Planet of the Apes
    3 Your Name
    4 It
    5 Ghost in the Shell
    6 Guardians of the Galaxy
    7 Shin Godzilla
    8 Kong Skull Island
    9 Logan
    10 Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets


    Best shows
    1 Gundam unicorn
    2 the Punisher
    3 attack on titan season 2
    5 My Hero Academia
    6 Lupin the 3rd the italian adventure
    7 Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
    8 Hunter x Hunter
    9 the orville (what i watched)
    10 Son of Zorn

    Best single episode attack on titan episode 11
    Best season to season turnaround Attack on titan going from the mess of season 1 to the glory of season 2

    Biggest surprise Gundam Unicorn … Gundams tend to suck this one was a freaking masterpiece

    1 Jupiter’s Legacy
    2 Berserk
    3 Vinland Saga
    4 Punisher The Platoon
    5 Reborn
    6 Action Comics
    7 One Punch Man
    8 Superman
    9 Infamous Ironman
    10 Green Valley

    Best ongoing Superhero series
    Action comics and Superman (kind of a package deal)
    Post Rebirth and reborn Superman finally feeling like superman is a joy to read.

    Best concluded limited series/ best comic/ best finale/ best villian Jupiter’s Legacy

    Best Maxi Series Infamous Ironman

    Best ongoing limited series Punisher the Platoon

    Surprise of the year getting a volume of Berserk and knowing there is almost another volumes worth out


    Best fighter
    1 Tekken 7 (no contest really)
    2 Marvel Vs Capcom Ultimate

    Best rerelease / Game I have most enjoyed this year

    Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen
    Giving the game a unexpected second life and taking up way more game time than i expected
    Almost game of the year for me… except giving it to a rerelease feels wrong

    Best shooter
    Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon

    Best online/ kinda free

    Best Retcon
    The Mishima Family history in Tekken 7

    Best Game I haven’t played Yakuza 0

    Best DLC
    Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse 2
    Adding to the season pass for free is pretty awesome

    Its been a good year for poorly received shows that were actually good, the best of this trend

    Blade of the immortal (well poorly received in japan us reviews were pretty good)
    Ghost in the shell
    Marvel vs Capcom Ultimate
    Death Note (netflix) It’s not really much of a adaptation but it was fun at least
    Black clover

    Best fight/ action scenes,
    1 Blade of the immortal ( the entire movie particularly Manji vs Eiku Shizuma )
    2 Thor Ragnarok (Thor vs Hulk)
    3 My Hero Academia (Izuku Midoriya vs Shoto Todoroki )
    4 Tekken 7 ( Heihachi Mishima vs Kazuya Mishima )
    5 Jupiter’s Legacy (Walter Sampson’s governing force vs Chloe Sampson, Jason Hutch” Hutchence’s super “criminal ” resistance )


    Best Figmas figuarts
    1 Nappa
    2 Jack Sparrow
    3 Deadpool
    4 Sora
    5 Ryu
    6 Michelangelo
    7 Twilight Princess Link
    8 Motoko Kusanagi
    9 S.H.Figuarts Body-kun -Rihito Takarai


    Best/worst trend
    The outing of sexual deviants and people who exploit positions of power for the purpose for sexual gain in hollywood and other associated places…
    Its great seeing these scumbags be taken care of…
    On the flip side its annoying seeing people who surely knew act sanctimonious now.
    Not to mention some cases are a little worrisome how quickly they progress

    Thing i am sick of
    politics on lord that place is scary

    Best new food
    Homemade Mochi

    The Bad

    Most disappointing
    1 Berserk season 2
    2 Star trek discovery
    3 Dragon Ball Super
    4 the return of Samurai Jack
    5 Game Of Thrones season 7

    Worse figma

    Worse comics trends
    Editor mandated character replacements and a over focus on politically edged writing by writers who don’t balance it

    cosmic retcons

    Worse comic concept Doomsday Clock

    Worse movie
    live action beauty and the beast

    Worse tv show (that i watched any of)
    Star trek discovery

    Worse dlc
    Marvel vs capcom infinite costume packs

    Worse comic finale Infamous ironman (the book was good but bendis cand write big battles for his life)

    • Jacob Kellogg

      Erwin Smith (Attack On Titan) Best hero 100%

      also berserj over std as worst?

      • Leon Evelake

        I went back and forth on that…really they are holding hands up there berserk had some good parts then got worse as it went, std was well mad but horrible from get go.
        but berserk almost hurts more because it seemed like it was shaping up for a bit…