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The Best Snowy Games For the Winter Season

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Throughout my entire life I loved snow, and of course when it came to games I loved the snow in them as well. Sadly though, not many used snow to a great extent or even any really. But there are a few great examples of snow in games. So below, you can find some examples of my favorite snow themed levels for your winter or Christmas mood.

Fortnite/Fortnite Battle Royale-

Fortnite went full out with the Christmas stuff, you got snowball guns, Gingerbread man costumes and Christmas trees with presents spread across the map. If you have the full version of Fornite, expect to see much more Christmas in there as well.

Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess-

Ah the Snowpeak Ruins, this part of the game is just charming. Tons of snow, and icey areas and just plain fun. Oh and there is a nice sledding section in there too.

Horizon: Zero Dawn- The Frozen Wildlands- 

While I havent played this one myself, I think everyone can attest to this games amazing snow. Talking about it does not do it justice- click this link.

Metal Gear Solid –

Metal gear Solid while not being the most snow based game does have a good share of it, and really who needs an excuse to play Metal Gear? Extra points if you go to MGS4 and play ‘that mission’.

Halo CE-

Assault on the Control Room is one of the best Halo missions in any of the games, it is long diverse and just plain fun. On top of which it is covered in snow. If you want some good ol winter shooting, this is a good start.

Simpsons Hit and Run-

Bust out the old console, turn your consoles clock to December and check out all those awesome Christmas decorations. Then hit someone with a car.

Mario 64-

Cool cool mountain is a great little area full of penguins and snow,in it you get to enjoy all the joys of snow and do weird stuff like slide around on your belly. Just leave those penguins alone.


Fable 1-3-

Every Fable title has had some lovely snow level. Each reeking of that old Fable charm. Just try not to get killed by that Ice Troll, he’s a jerk.

Little Big Planet-

You can just go and search for snow or Christmas levels and you will find Dozens if not hundreds. These have some good range, some big with lots to do. Some small and just cute.

Rise of The Tomb Raider-

This game has some Gorgeous snow in it. Like really really gorgeous. There is tons, and I hear the game is good too. So that’s a plus.

Lost Planet-

Killing monsters on a giant freezing ice planet. Man these games shouldn’t have died out. This game has a lot of snow, and lizards.

Killzone 3-

The game has some seriously harsh snow, it looks like a crazy dang blizzard is happening there.

Uncharted 2-

This game isnt all snow, but it sure has a lot in it. It is pretty, just make sure you carry enough ammo to shoot everything you see. Just make sure  you roll in the snow.

Final Fantasy XII-

You’ll spend a decent chunk of time in the Paramina Rift, this snow mountain side is stuffed full of things to kill and get killed by. Not the most snowy, but surely one of the most eerie. This may be one of the most memorable parts of the game.

DK Country-

Snow Barrel Blast, just look at that name. Obviously a Very snow filled level. I remember hating it when I played it years ago. Probably still do.

Smaller bits-

Final Fantasy VII– Snowboard mini game, I mean you are snowboarding and dodging penguins and such. How could you not love this?

Halo Multiplayer– SnowBound and Sidewinder. Both are two awesome maps full of that winter goodness.

Warcraft 3– You can play on plenty of snow areas in this lovely old game..If you can play it.

Bloodborne – Cainhurst is a bleak and snowy place for you to die.

Cool Boarders!-I mean, it’s a snowboarding game. An old one, but hey…Leave my childhood alone.

Bully-This Rockstar classic has snow and Christmas events in it. Can’t ask for more there.


While there are many games that use snow and simply feature it; I cant help but want more. probably cause I am greedy.