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Berserk Warriors Adds Zodd The Immortal

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Berserk Warriors has added Zodd as a playable character. The game also revealed that you can use transformations. Such as Zodd into his Apostle form and Guts into his Berserk form. You can see some screens at the bottom. The exert below was translated by Gematsu.


A legendary mercenary known as “The Immortal Nosferatu Zodd.” He is an Apostle who has roamed the battlefields for hundreds of years in search of formidable enemies. He has an interest in Guts, who wounded him, and leaves him an ominous prophecy.

Unleash Hidden Strength

Some characters can “transform,” which changes their appearance and improves their attack power and attack speed. By unleashing stronger than normal actions, you’ll be able to mow down the a horde of enemies with a single attack.

Berserk releases on the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita Physically and the PlayStation 3 as a downloadable title. Japan gets the game on October 27th.

North America gets the game on PlayStation 4 physically, and on the PS Vita and Steam digitally in fall.