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Final Fantasy VII Remake Combat Analysis

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So just a few days ago at the Monaco Anime Game International Conferences 2017, Tetsuya Nomura showed off two screenshots of Final Fantasy VII Remake. The new screenshots showed off the games new updated UI. So with that, I decided it was time to do an updated analysis of the games combat. Below you can […]

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New Final Fantasy VII and Kingdom Hearts 3 Screenshots.

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Square Enix and Tetsuya Nomura showed off some new screenshots from Final Fantasy VII : Remake and Kingdom Hearts 3. Below you can view the screens and the new information ( Translated by Gematsu) Kingdom Hearts 3 “This is the first time we show this screenshot of Kingdom Hearts III,” director Tetsuya Nomura said (via […]

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5-Minute Reviews – Fire Emblem Heroes

Excellent mechanics weighed down by terrible Free-To-Play trappings

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How do you keep the legacy and mechanics of a multi-decade series alive while catering to the casual mobile gaming market? If someone figures this out, please contact Nintendo immediately. While at its core Fire Emblem Heroes is actually a very well crafted game, decisions made to capitalize on the money-making market that is iOS […]

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How a Longtime Zelda Fan Sees the Season Pass

This could either go very well or very poorly - we just don't have enough information yet

| Categories: Nintendo Switch, SideArc, Video Games, Wii U | 14 Comments »

Let me get this out of the way – The Legend of Zelda series is one of my all-time favorites. On top of that, Breath of the Wild is one of my most-anticipated games ever. From the original game on the NES to the most recent handheld iterations I’ve played and beaten them all; many of them […]

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Horizon Shows Off Some Of Its Enemies With These Awesome Videos

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Guerrilla games released some new footage showing off Horizon Zero Dawns Awesome enemies. Check them out below-   The Thunder Jaw- The combat-class Thunderjaw is one of the deadliest machines encountered in Horizon Zero Dawn. A formidable beast equipped with cannons, disc launchers and a mouth laser, its powerful ranged attacks will quickly cut down […]

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Steins;Gate 0: The Sidearc Review

El Psy Kongroo and the Curious Case of Hououin Kyouma

| Categories: Anime, Cartoons, Entertainment, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, review, SideArc, Televison, Video Games | 12 Comments »

Steins;Gate 0 exists on a curious premise. I’d hesitate to call it a sequel, even though it technically takes place after the chronological ending of the first game. Yet it also isn’t a prequel or even a sidequel. A side story might be most accurate for a term but even that would bring about the […]

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